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Tuesday, 9 November 2010


Day 15 Spain León – Villar de Mazarife
Met Spanish lady with dodgy toes at breakfast who is now walking with her father whom she met up with in León. Exchanged a few words with Hot Spanish guy at breakfast table and resisted the urge to throw bits of baguette across the table at him for taking the bus. Very dark morning and very dark narrow, slightly seedy, slightly scary streets through the city. First time i´d not felt completely at ease and beyond threat. Serves us all right for getting up so bloody early!!! Lucky i had my amazingly acurate map (not) otherwise i doubt i would have found the right way out and may still be wandering around León, though it was a very nice city so i wouldn´t mind too much. If i didn´t know better i would say there was a bit of cheeky camino flirting going on this morning this morning as i passed Hot Spanish guy at first light but he soon caught back up with me, pretending to jog to keep up and then walking just in front of me leaving his group at the bottom of the hill. Anyway, i lost them at the Café Bombón place and that was that. The landscape had vastly improved since the meseta and much of what i walked through this morning reminded me of the African plains. In fact if you could find an area with no electricity wires running through it was possible to stare across the savannah like countryside and imagine that you might at any moment see giraffes on the ridge or black rhinos hiding amongst the clumps of trees…….(possibly i was potassium depleted but at a later time when i met Tall Danish guy again he said exactly the same thing.) Found great albergue with sunloungers in the garden…this was the ultimate height of luxury. Wandered around the village and bumped into Aussie girl who, over the course of a couple of café con leches told me she had discovered she was pregnant and i instantly forgave her for the taxi incident. Her whole camino would now, of course, have a new focus and it was becoming a very spiritual experience for her. I found I liked her much more than when we had first met.

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