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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Taxis and Buses???????

Spain day 13 Tempranillos – Calzadillos de Hermanillos
Did i mention meeting hot spanish guy a couple of nights ago? He came to my bedside and whispered away to me, barely half of which i understood but that really was irrelevant. He was impressed by my speed and of course i tried to explain how i was now paying for my frivolous folly and he promised to lassoe me if i tried to walk too fast the next day…..i should be so lucky.
Saw other familiar faces today, Aussie girl and Liz the vet who was walking with very tall danish guy. Passed and repassed each other as the meseta spread on. Stopping off to purchase usual fare of lunchtime cheese and bread i saw Aussie girl jumping into a taxi….´hello´what´s going on here? She was not feeling well but there were places to stay where we were and my confusion was increased further as a little further on a handful of people were loitering by a bus stop, including the only english person i had met so far….well, i wouldn´t be speaking to him again!! I was very disapointed. Reached the donativo albergue in Calzadillos and was greeted by a very enthuisiastic Francisco. Lovely , quiet small village with a small park and two ponds brimming with frogs…as i walked around them (because this is what i do….go for a walk, not like i get enough walking all day!!) hundreds of frogs leapt out of my way and into the water. After a slow day on the meseta this qualifies as quality entertainment. After sharing more cheese and bread with Liz the Vet , Tall Danish guy and Italian Roberto we went out for ice creams…this is indeed the life.

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